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2013-07-29: Research on Water Polo World Championships BARCELONA 2013
We are enjoying and researching in water polo world championships. Collecting data on the rate of release. The work is hard, working long hours in the sun, but the atmosphere is amazing. As we have reported in the international press and on specific pages of polo. You can see it here.
2013-04-01: New paper published
Vila, H., Ferragut, C., Rodríguez, N., Alcaraz, PE. y Abraldes, JA. (2013). Determination anthropometric profile and throwing velocity in female waterpolo. Revista Española de Educación Física y Deportes, 401, 89-96. ISSN: 1133-6366.

ABSTRACT: The aim of this study was to describe anthropometric profile and throwing velocity in Spanish high level water polo players. Thirteen players of senior Spanish team aged (23.2±3.2 years) were recruited from Spanish water polo team. All of them had a mean of 9±2.9 years playing water polo. The mean values of weight and height were 65.6±8.0 kg and 172.2±7.1 m respectively. The throwing velocity without goalkeeper from penalty was 15.81±5.18 m.s-1, in throwing with goalkeeper situation, throwing velocity was 15.43±4.13 m.s-1and from penalty with previous displacement was 15.64±3.09 m.s-1. Similar values in weight and height show similar values than other international level teams. Mesomorphic component is the prevailing. Higher throwing velocity has reached in throwing without goalkeeper situation. KEY WORDS: Somatotype, fat mass, muscle mass.

2013-03-01: Swimming World Championships BARCELONA 2013
Are we going to Barcelona? Once the Handball world, we prepare for the World Swimming. From July 19 to August 4, 2013 will be held in Barcelona City 15 World Swimming Championships, which brings pure disciplines like swimming, synchronized, jumping and polo. More information on the website.