Research areas

Among the areas of teacher research can highlight the following research topics:

  • Water Rescue Sports. A minority sport barely known to many science students of Physical Activity Sport and even people associated with the lifeguards and lifesaving. It is a sport that brings success to Spain to numerous national, international and global, with Spain a sports power and one of the best countries in Europe and worldwide.
  • Water Safety. This aspect is closely related to the topic of Lifesaving, trying to cover all aspects that relate to the enjoyment of the aquatic environment safely. Here we find many aspects to consider such as lifeguards, training, safety factors beaches and swimming pools.
  • Swimming and Watersports. Affinity and transfer to Deportivo Aquatic Rescue as well as water safety. This section may include analysis of different techniques, factors, performance metrics, motivation, sports initiation, etc.
  • Sports Performance Rating. Mainly in water sports like Sports Salvage, the pure Swimming and Waterpolo. Mainly at technical analysis, anthropometric and physiological patterns. Also through tactical and strategic assessment in team sports.
  • First Aid and Safety in Physical Activity. In relation to the general subject of safety, mainly studying aspects of training, techniques, protocols and procedures to help prevent and / or minimize the possible accident, both in the sport and physical activity in general.
  • Sports Recreation and Learning Environments. Affinity to teaching that has been teaching in his college career, where play is a fundamental part of training and fun of the child, as well as organizing events and creating macro-related recreational activities. Furthermore, the possibilities of animation and learning environments are an issue in which some work has been done..